Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A "Supernatural" Scarecrow

Ever since I saw this creepy scarecrow in season one of Supernatural, I wanted to get my hands on a mask of him. I could not find a record of this mask ever being made by anyone. If I wanted it I would have to have this commissioned, but by I wasn't sure who to go to.

After some pondering Eric Lusk from The Creature Cabin came to mind. Eric makes high quality masks, props, does special fx for the film industry and also does commission work. I have purchased several scarecrow masks from him and have been very impressed by his sculpting, paintwork and ease to deal with. Eric has some serious talent, enjoys what he does and likes scarecrows, which is a plus. He seemed to be the ideal choice for making this scarecrow for me.

When I told Eric I'd like a scarecrow mask commissioned, he seemed genuinely excited. I shared some reference pictures of this scarecrow but few were very good. Eric did some digging and agreed the project would be difficult based on how few decent reference pictures he found, but he remained confident he could pull it off. I told Eric to go for it and let's just say the end result was phenomenal. I could not be happier with how it turned out. It is a one of a kind foam filled latex piece and yes, the hat was sculpted too. This is the first time I had a mask commissioned for me and Eric put me at complete ease throughout the entire process, doing everything one would hope and expect. He promptly answered any questions or concerns I had and always kept me informed of what stage he was at in the project. We stay in touch and share the ongoings of the horror/halloween/mask industry. I am happy to call Eric a friend and look forward to seeing what other creatures and monsters he will bring to life.
Click here to visit The Creature Cabin website.

Here is my custom mask made by The Creature Cabin. Yep, same pic as my current avatar.

Here are a few screen caps of the scarecrow featured in the Supernatural episode.