Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day

This was taken in our backyard today. Thanks to Old Man Winter, we had a blizzard hit us with over a foot of snow. It was a whopper. Most of the area was shut down in a state of emergency. It's just as well as I had no place I had to get to today anyway. I can't remember the last time we had a blizzard let alone this much snow fall in one storm. It's kind of neat when you don't have to go somewhere and instead you can say "let it snow".
Ames and I spent a good part of the day shoveling, snowblowing and using muscles we had forgotten about since last winter. Ugh! Now we are resting and warming up by sipping some hot cocoa. Ahhh.....

My father called me this morning not in the best of moods. He travels within a 60 mile radius for his job. Last night he was working in a city not too far from us when the storm hit. Most of the roads were shut down so he ended up being stranded there for the night. I told him better there than in a ditch or worse.

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