Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's Almost Time

I am thrilled to say I will be attending the Horrorhound convention in Indianapolis in a few weeks. The highlight of the convention for me is definitely the Halloween 3 reunion/panel.  I'll be bringing memorabilia for the Halloween 3 cast and crew to sign.
Also taking place at the same location is MaskFest 3. MaskFest is a separate convention featuring tons of indy mask makers. There will be masks for sale, Hollywood special fx and makeup artists and many other goodies.  I'll be assisting my good friend Paul from Darkside Studios set up and man his booth. Good stuff. I'll definitely be bringing my Dark Night of the Scarecrow costume now that I found out JD Feigelson will be there! I'm hoping he feels I did justice to the costume. I'm considering bringing my Harry Warden costume to make a small appearance there and to get a picture with Tom Atkins. He's the only actor that will be at this con that starred in My Bloody Valentine. Just am really looking forward to this whole convention!

Click here to see more about Horrorhound and MaskFest.

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