Friday, June 3, 2011


Scored this rare mask from a fellow Halloween Mask Association member.  This is called "Twisted Seed" and was made by The Horror Factory. It was later produced by Morbid Illusions under the name "Stingy Jack".  I prefer the paintwork on The Horror Factory version myself. It has been out of production for a number of years and since then I've never seen one of these for sale until now.  I was pretty excited when I found it.  And now for a bit of useless information...this is one of only two scarecrow/pumpkin masks in my collection that has flesh color somewhere on it.


  1. My god I love your blog. Such an incredible mask...

  2. That mask is awesome! But can you see out of it to swing your sickle at nosy teenagers - I mean crows??

  3. Thanks for the compliments :)

    Sean - Can't see out of this one. Few of my masks have eye holes since most of them are display copies.
    And yes, the sickle will be swinging ;)

  4. Funny thing is- I commissioned that piece. Had it in the line for a year or two and sold it off.
    Yes, that was once a DarkSide piece.

  5. Thanks for the info Paul! I'm glad to know this was once in the DarkSide line up.