Thursday, July 28, 2011

Convention Memorabilia

Chances are that if you attend a horror convention it means getting some pretty cool stuff. Here is what came home with me from Fright Night Film Fest.

Movie poster signed by JD Feigelson, Larry Drake and Tonya Crowe
Laminated poster
Signed 8x10 by the cast
Soundtrack and promotional cards
The Bubba mask I had signed by the cast
Another highlight at the con was meeting John Carpenter. Here is a man whose work I adore. The meeting was very brief but it was pretty cool to meet such a legendary man. Items at his table were a bit pricey and he was charging separately to get a picture with him so I passed on the photo. Kinda kicking myself now. I'm also ashamed to admit that I left my Halloween III poster at home.  Carpenter was the last one I needed to complete it. Bummer. At least I got him to sign a Halloween poster. Hopefully I can run into him at another con.


  1. It's cool to hear all these neat stories from the convention!

  2. Ahh, one of the best movie scarecrows ever!