Sunday, September 28, 2014

Collection Sale

Sadly the time has come where I must part with my collection. I've been collecting for the past 18 years and save for a few pieces, it needs to go. Most of them are made of latex and a few are made of burlap. Many of them have been out of production and some are quite rare. Most of these masks are display copies, meaning they have never had the eye holes or mouth holes cut out. I have never worn any of these masks, I merely keep them for display. They have been cared for well, dusted, kept in a temperature controlled room, and do not see sunlight.

Over the next few months I will be selling them on ebay and several mask forums. If you would like to follow me on ebay my username is cornreaper. If you see any masks you are interested in or have questions, feel free to contact me at

Who made all these masks? Here's a list of the artists: Darkside Studio, Death Studios, Nightowl Productions, Twisted Toybox, Devil's Workshop, Scarecrow 1138, Alter Ego Dezines, Cemetery Gate Productions, Fearscape Studios, DWN Productions, The Brothers Rich FX, The Creature Cabin, Nightstalker Productions, IDX Studios, Hauntatorium Studios, Jon Fuller, Midnight Studios FX, Horror Factory, Bump in the Night Productions, Graverobber Studios.
Here are pics of my collection.


  1. I looked under your eBay name but didn't see anything for sale. Are they still around. Was wondering about a burlap mask you've made or shown in the past.

    1. Aaron, ebay fees are killing me so I haven't been selling on there too much. Feel free to email me directly at for an updated list of what I still have for sale.

  2. Anyone still interested in any masks can email me directly at
    Double check the spelling for my email!
    You can also find me on my facebook page under Behind The Rows Studio.