Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Little Storm Damage

We had a few nasty storms roll in last night. The next morning I looked around the yard to see if there was any damage. Fortunately all our trees and rooftops were intact. I glanced over at the garden and the scarecrow was down! Upon closer inspection I noticed that the wooden cross he is fastened to snapped off where it goes into the ground. He fell face down right between the garden rows. His head had gotten squished from the fall so I reshaped it with some more straw. That was the only thing that needed fixing, the rest of him was fine. He's been in the garden since last summer and other than this, I haven't had to do any maintenance to him...which is nice.

Here he is fixed up. For now I tied him to the corner of the fence until I decide if I want to move him to a different spot.


  1. That's a wicked cool scarecrow. Sorry to hear that it got damaged in the storm!

  2. Thanks. I'm just glad the wind didn't blow him away into the next county. :)