Sunday, September 5, 2010

Idea For This Years Costume

After thinking long and hard about it, I think I'm going to make a Bubba scarecrow from Dark Night of the Scarecrow. It's such a classic movie and the costume is so simple yet very creepy. One of the major factors for my decision is the dvd that to be released end of September. I adore this movie and feel compelled to honor its release.

Items needed: mask, trenchcoat, flannel shirt, blue jeans, boots, gloves, straw, rope and pitchfork.
Fortunately I already have the mask, which would have been the most difficult piece to acquire. My plan is to start screening the mouth and eye holes on the mask tomorrow. I'm going to try real hard to post pics as I make progress on this project.


  1. I love the poster where it says "Hi-Fi Stereo!" I remember back when that was a big selling point. Looking forward to see the progress of your design.


  2. I actually saw this movie bootlegged on YouTube. Truly a suspenseful horror movie! Good luck with the costume!