Sunday, May 29, 2011

Demon Patch

Over the years Midnight Studios selection of high quality masks has grown tremendously. Not to mention their amazing costumes and props. How excited I was to discover they have four crazy pumpkin masks in their lineup. These are insane!
M U S T   H A V E   T H E M   A L L . . .   


Halloween King

Pumpkin Queen



  1. Wow! I haven't seen the King and Queen before. I did get to see the Samhain in person at Monsterpalooza and I honestly thought it was the best pumpkin mask I have ever seen. The Cornhusker could take that title though! Awesome post Arcane!

  2. Yellow Phantom - I remember first seeing the Samhain on your blog's Monsterpalooza pics. I was going to ask you who made it until I discovered it on Midnight Studios website. Yes, awesome mask and costume that goes with it.

  3. I would consider a small sacrifice or two to get one of those Pumpkin Queens.

  4. I'm in love with the Pumpkin Queen. Those eyes... *shivers*