Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Latex Additions

It was time again to add some more Death Studios masks to the 'ol collection. Up first is Crow Killa. It is scultped by Death Studios owner Jeff Keim and is part of their 2011 line up. The burlap texture on this mask is absolutely insane! Jeff said he was ready to pull his hair out during the sculpting process.
Mr. Grim was sculpted for Death Studios by Pete Infelise of the Devil's Workshop and was released in the late 90's. Fortunately it is still being produced by Death Studios as it has been on my mask wish list for a long long time. Pete went on to sculpt Mr. Grimm 2, seen in this earlier post here.


  1. Always enjoy seeing your additions! ( you may need a bigger room soon)

  2. Hey thanks! Yeah, making room is getting to be more of a challenge. Then again, there's always room for more masks. :)

  3. Great scores Arcane!

    It's amazing how the shelves fill up, but there always seems to room for one or two more :)

  4. Thanks Phantom! I just had to get Mr. Grim anyway :)